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What Are The Best Cannabis Seeds Available Today?

What Are The Best Cannabis Seeds Available Today?

With countries around the world warming up to the idea of legal cannabis, this is a prime time to be an enthusiast.

As the laws concerning possession and consumption of the plant become increasingly relaxed, so do the rules of growing it. Many cannabis users are now choosing to grow their own supply, either to save money or as a passion project.

Whether your interest in growing cannabis is recreational or professional, seed selection is one of the most important things to keep in mind. No cannabis seed is superior to all the others, but the seed you do choose can have a huge bearing on the outcome of your grow.

If you want to know more about the characteristics of seed, keep reading.


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What Are the Advantages of Growing Weed?

People don’t decide to grow weed without good reason. Even if you don’t have any commercial interest in planting your own cannabis, there are many advantages to growing your supply.

Of course, for one reason or another, growing isn’t always possible. If you do have to purchase your CBD or cannabis products from a store, you should always make sure you’re getting high-quality bud. The folks at have you covered no matter what type of CBD product you’re looking for.


No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll always spend less if you make it yourself. Weed is no different.

When growing weed, you’ll have to pay for seeds, soil, and various pieces of growing equipment if you’re growing indoors. If your grow is successful, however, you’ll have enough weed to keep you going for months, making it a highly worthwhile effort and investment. One can buy weed online from high supplies and reap all the benefits of it.


For many people, growing weed is as much about the process of growing as it is about the weed itself. If you love to make something from scratch, growing weed will be a very rewarding process (especially if you’re a weed smoker as well).


A lot of people have one strain that they feel meets their needs better than any other. Whether it gives the perfect high or takes away their pain or insomnia in just the right way, that strain can do a lot for someone.

If you find the ideal strain, you’ll want to make sure you have a steady supply. Since dispensaries can run out of stock or change their menus, the best way to ensure you always have access to your favorite strain is to grow it yourself.

What Are the Best Cannabis Seeds Around?

Notwithstanding the advice anyone gives you, the truth is that strain selection is a subjective business.

Some strains will make you energetic and creative, which is good. Other strains will make you want to go straight to sleep; again, a good thing. The strain you should select depends on your preferences, as well as the effects you’re looking for at a given time.

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THC Content

THC is the compound that gets you ‘high.’ It is the best-known of cannabis’ active compounds, having been the subject of studies since the 1960s.

Since THC is the only psychoactive compound in cannabis, you can tell how potent a strain will be by looking at the percentage of THC it contains. Generally, any strain with more than 22 percent THC will have very strong effects.

Strains don’t have a constant level of THC. The amount of THC you end up with when growing high THC seeds depends on a range of factors. Most of these factors pertain to your skill as a grower.

However, some strains do tend to have higher THC contents than others on average. If you want the Weed Edibles you grow to pack a powerful punch, look for a strain with good THC genetics. Strains that have become popular for their high-THC tendencies include Royal Gorilla and Fat Banana.

CBD Content

Nowadays, people use cannabis for more than just getting high. There are a wide range of medical uses for weed, and you can access most of them without even getting stoned.

That’s because of cannabidiol, or CBD. This is the other cannabinoid that scientists have been able to do considerable research on. Like THC, CBD has a lot of important medical uses; unlike THC, however, ingesting it won’t get you stoned.

If you want to grow a strain for therapeutic purposes and you’d prefer not to get too high while smoking it, look for seeds with a high CBD/THC ratio. Harlequin and ACDC are two popular CBD-rich strains.

Indica vs. Sativa Genetics

Every cannabis enthusiast knows about the difference between indicas and sativas. Indica strains cause you to feel a relaxed body high and are associated with sleepiness and increased appetite. Sativas have a more energetic cerebral high and are said to offer creativity.

While different strains do indeed produce different effects, it’s not accurate to put this down to their being an Indica or a Sativa. Due to the extent to which modern strains are cross-bred, pure Indica or Sativa strains are now very rare.

Therefore, you need to think about the effects you want and how to achieve them. Are you looking for a strain that will fuel your creativity or one that will just increase your appetite? Look for specific strains that meet these needs.

Not everyone responds identically to a given strain, so you’ll have to experiment to find the weed that works best for you.

Feminized Seeds vs. Non-Feminized Seeds

There’s plenty of debate in the weed-growing community nowadays about the feminization of seeds.

Traditionally, cannabis growers had to identify and discard male plants once flowering began (you cannot tell male from female before this). Male plants are not useful from a grower’s perspective, as their flowers don’t get you high.

Feminized seeds do not produce male plants, which means they avoid this issue. If you’re not an experienced grower, it might be a good idea to invest in feminized seeds as it can be difficult to spot male plants at first.

What to Know About Growing Weed

If you’re a total newbie to cannabis cultivation, you are likely to make a lot of mistakes on your first try. Regardless of the quantity of research you do before you start growing, you’ll have to “learn by doing” before you become a proficient grower.

However, there are certain key things you should consider before you plant your seeds. We’ve looked at a couple of the most important here.

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Indoor vs. Outdoor

Traditionally, all cannabis growers grew their plants outdoors. However, new technology has created a lot of opportunities for indoor growers to foster perfect growing conditions and harvest flawless crops.

The truth is that all of the very high-quality weed you see in dispensaries today comes from indoor growing operations. It’s very difficult to grow truly exceptional weed when you have to contend with unpredictable weather conditions.


Climate will be a much greater consideration for outdoor growers than indoor ones. That said, indoor growers should still try to avoid activity in the winter months, as the energy costs to keep the plants warm are much greater.

Cannabis thrives in higher temperatures. If you live somewhere with warm weather for most of the year, this shouldn’t be a cause for concern. However, for places with more seasonal variation, you need to make sure that your plant spends most of its growing time in the warmer months of the year.

Pest Control

This is also more of a problem for outdoor growers, although pests can find their way to an indoor greenhouse if you’re not careful. Make sure to have pest control tools on hand and inspect your plants for pests regularly.

Picking the Right Seeds for a Successful Harvest

Growing cannabis can often be a difficult job. Even if you do everything right, circumstances beyond your control can ruin your crop and leave all your hard work in ruins.

The best way to ensure that this doesn’t happen is by taking all available precautions. When you use all the knowledge available, you have a good chance of coming away with a plentiful harvest.

One of the most important things to keep in mind here is seed selection. Some seed types are less prone to failure than others, and will produce good yields with less attention. If you’re a novice grower, these are the strains you should be looking for.

If you think you know enough to take your first steps into the world of cannabis cultivation, take a look at our store for some seeds to get started!