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TV’s Biggest Loser Star Becomes Equality’s Biggest Winner with HRC

By Jenny Nicole Taylor

Bob Harper
Bob Harper HRC Garden Party

Laguna, CA. (The Hollywood Times) 8/4/2014 ~ For 16 consecutive seasons on television, the hit show, The Biggest Loser, has inspired millions of people with real-life struggles of individuals battling issues with their weight and self-image. Coaches like Bob Harper not only give expert weight loss training advice and help their participants to look better, but they also help them have a change of mind. A change of mind brings about a change in action.

HRC’s OC/LB/PS and their Corporate and Individual sponsors, hosted the Summer of Equality Garden Party at one of Laguna’s most beautiful and quaint, 1920’s era cottages; and the turnout was something city residents would be proud of. Approximately a couple hundred people gathered to support HRC and marriage equality. Bob Harper from The Biggest Loser was the keynote speaker.

With that same life-changing zeal Bob Harper shares on the television program, Bob spoke from his heart about what it was like being a gay man and how he came out on his show. His words were genuine and filled with enthusiasm. “The battle for equality is not over,” was his herald and the crowd agreed. He shared about how he personally took it upon himself to “come out” publicly, and how he knew that his stance in the open would make a difference. He challenged the group to do the same, and help us bring change to areas like the conservative South which mostly denies marriage equality.

Many prominent members of the community were there from various companies and local businesses, as well as individuals, rallying together to support HRC’s push to bring marriage equality to all 50 states. The Human Rights Campaign, in Washington, DC, sent David Yu to attend the event. David is the Major Gifts Officer for HRC.

For more on the Summer Of Equality Garden Party visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/871720539509034/?ref=5

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Jenny Nicole Taylor reporter at The Hollywood Times
Jenny Nicole Taylor reporter at The Hollywood Times