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Smash(ed) Again?


Gossip Girl executive producer Josh Safran is finalizing a deal to join NBC’s musical drama series Smashas executive producer for next season
Gossip Girl executive producer Josh Safran is finalizing a deal to join NBC’s musical drama series Smash as executive producer for next season

A refreshing performance but what about the scripting

By Valerie Milano

Boston, MA (The Hollywood Times) 2/22/13 – “Don’t worry. They loved the music. They loved the actors. They loved the cast, but they didn’t like the scripting,”  Joshua Safran’s Smash producer says after a performance in Boston about the Bombshell performance.

One would think that the review was right on target for the series Smash itself.  The Smash writers splintering our attention to the point where it will be hard to find these threads compelling? Smash still has that compelling feel that made it a show to watch in season one, but it needs to find its track in the face of dire ratings. Julia’s (Debra Messing) book for Bombshell was not as successful as she thinks.  The critics slaughtered it and Eileen (Angelica Houston) takes the initiative and brings in a script doctor, hence the name of the show “the Dramaturg” Peter, (Daniel Sunjata).  Julia does not like the idea at all and fights with Eileen tooth and nail to not use this man Peter.  After a bit of an arm wrestling match Julia comes up with quite a twist to make Bombshell extra saucy.

Jennifer Hudson’s performance in “Smash” is perfection…because she is so close to perfect.  Perfect voice, perfect poise and the now perfect Weight Watchers figure.  But it was a little difficult to grasp where or what her role was in the show.  Perhaps the next few weeks will lead us into her direction.

‘The Dramaturg’ (another name for the script rewriter) was a good episode, however with it being the premiere of the series we still find “Smash” grasping for its identity. Bombshell is in limbo. This new production of Jimmy and Kyle’s is eons away from the stage. Now we have this new starring turn for Ivy in Liaisons.

There are lots of stories in “Smash” almost too many.  The drama needs a little bit more “Broadway” and a little less drama.  The Broadway vibe is so much fun the viewer could literally get lost in just the singing and the dancing with the added “production” feel. Things to look forward to in the upcoming weeks ahead are story lines to improve and get more interesting. Guest actors like Liza Minnelli coming onto the show.

“We have Sean Hayes. We have Bernadette Peters coming back for several episodes. It’s fun on a show like this where you sort of can, again, sort of widen the world view and show performers from other shores or bring in Broadway actors to play characters related to our cast is fun and amazing,” says Joshua Safran to THT. If you are a musical theater buff than this show is a refreshing performance.  Not a lot of “auto-tuning,” good acting and some class act staging.  Give this show a few more views before giving up on it.