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Priestly at NATPE

priestlyFitz and Nova Scotia

By Valerie Milano

Miami, FL (The Hollywood Times) 1/29/13  – The widely popular Canadian series, “Call Me Fitz” is coming to the US starring 80’s heartthrob, Jason Priestly. The series is now in it’s 4th season and will be distributed in a slightly different business model. “Well it’s on DirecTv, on the audience network. “ explained Priestly in a short sit-down at NATPE Market and Conference next door to the lovely Fountainbleau Hotel in Miami. “DirecTv for us has been a phenomenal partner in America,” he continued. “They absolutely leave us alone, we never hear from them. We produce the show in Canada for HBO Canada and by the way we barely hear from HBO Canada. We have incredible autonomy”. 

“Call Me Fitz” is the half hour comedy of an amoral, sex-addicted, drug and alcohol abusing car salesman who’s life gets complicated when another salesman becomes his alter-ego. The cast is rounded out with “Ernie Grunwald, Donavan Stinson, Peter MacNeill, Joanna Cassidy, Michael Gross, who joined our show this year for the season he was amazing plus Tracy Dawson,” and Jonathan Torrance, “we have an incredibly talented group of lunatics.” Priestly’s synopsis focuses on the good in his character, “at the nucleus of the show, the show is about a family hugely dysfunctional family full of alcoholics, and drug abusers,” he explained. And his family, “ the falling apart of this family and it’s really a tragedy because you know with all great comedy there has to be tragedy.”

The series is filmed in Nova Scotia, and though Jason is Canadian, it’s still “everything but and is a very beautiful part of the world and we have an incredible crew out there.   We only shoot twelve episodes a year so our shooting season is very brief .  This season we only shot 10 episodes so we were only there for 8 week. We’re in and out very quickly.” He explained.

“Fitz” wasn’t the only subject we covered in our chat, we had to discuss being a dad, “I love it. Yeah.  Being a father is the coolest job I’ve ever had.  So much fun,” he said. “ I couldn’t be happier.  All I wanna do is just hang out with my kids.”

Next on Priestly’s agenda is the Canadian theater. “I’m going to Toronto in a few weeks for the Dave Mamet play Rise.” He’s very happy about this project, “I’m excited to get back to the stage. I haven’t done a play in 13 years.”