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The Many Phases of Elizabeth Espinosa

Still at home with KTLA, she expands to a new radio show & a TV show By Valerie Milano Hollywood, CA (The Hollywood Times) 4/17/14 - “I’m still at KTLA (Ch.5) as a part-time reporter with a focus on special stories and breaking news, and I am also the new talk show co-host for KFI (640 AM) with Mark Thompson whom I used to work with in KTLA. It’s the Thompson and Espinosa Show!” said the enthusiastic and seasoned reporter Elizabeth Espinosa. It’s of no wonder that Elizabeth has jumped from Spanish language media to English media, to hosting the CNN Sin Limites nightly show last year to now on the radio waves. Elizabeth is the multi-talented, multi-lingual (she speaks 3 languages), face of what diversity means in Los Angeles.

"Jamalot Ever After"

The phrase this 2014 summer for fans of Steely Dan! By Cynthia Griffing Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 4/17/14 - Walter Becker and Donald Fagen will begin their 53 city North American Tour on July 2 in the city of Portland, Oregon. Here in the southland concert goers will be happy to know that they will be performing at the world famous Forum on July 12th, 2014, and July 13th, 2014 in San Diego at Humphrey's. The tour will conclude in Baltimore, Maryland, September 17th, 2014.


FX Tuesday 10:00 p.m. “It’s sort of God and the Devil and all wrapped up into one…” Billy Bob Thornton By Valerie Milano Pasadena, CA (The Hollywood Times) 4/16/14 - As expected, Fargo’s series premier on FX was one long ninety minute stretch of weird. The series is based on the epic Coen Bros. film from a few years back, and indeed, they are involved as executive producers. A (supposedly) true story with only the names changed to protect the innocent. Not sure how FX expected to improve on the original. However, casting Billy Bob Thornton as the homicidal drifter (Lorne Malvowas) was a good start; and at this writing, Thornton is the only reason to come back for seconds on this brutal and less nuanced version of the Oscar winning film.

A Tale of  Twin Visions

By Tequila Mockingbird Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 4/16/14 - Twin Visions features Jerome Witkin and his brother Joel at the Jack Rutberg Fine Arts, 357 North La Brea, through May 3rd.

Star Trek: Generations

The Malcolm McDowell Series of Q& A Screenings By Cynthia Griffing Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 4/16/14 - The third and final installment of Malcolm McDowell's Q& A with special guest moderator Michael Dorn took place tonight at the landmark Alex Theater. The theater was decorated with props and costumes from Star Trek: Generations, to the delight of all in attendance. The outdoor foyer was the perfect place for the Mark IV capsule.


20TH ANNIVERSARY – TCM HOSTS ROBERT OSBORNE AND BEN MANKIEWICZ By Valerie Milano Hollywood, CA (The Hollywood Times) 4/15/2014 – “The Best Years of Our Lives, Betty Davis always said that was the best movie ever made and I think it is a great movie.” Robert Osborne told his fans as the TCM Classic Festival started on Thursday, April 10, 2014. He went on to answer some questions from the media and his fans and the one that got The Hollywood Times attention was “What is your favorite movie?” This was his answer and explaining as to why.