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51st Publicists Guild Awards

February 28th the ICG 51st Annual Publicists Guild Awards “God” is the host this year By Valerie Milano Beverly Hills, CA (Hollywood Today) 2/28/14 – Changing venues...

Marcus Peterzell NARM

NARM 2012   By: Valerie Milano – Century City, CA (Hollywood Today) 5-14-12 The advancement of social media and technology has certainly changed the music business. ...

Jim Donio – NARM 2013 Day 2

Includes even more opportunities to learn  By Valerie Milano Century City, CA (Hollywood Today) 5/7/2013 – “There will still be physical product, but it will certainly...

Catholics in Media Awards

By: Valerie Milano – Beverly Hills, CA (The Hollywood Times) 5-2-12  The CIMA (Catholics in Media Association) awards have been announced in an event that...

The Pretty One on DVD June 3

LaMarque & Kazan By Valerie Milano West Hollywood, CA (The Hollywood Times) 4/21/14 – “It’s about discovering how to find herself, as opposed to just internalizing the labels that have just been placed upon her, learning how to listen to her own voice. That is something that I hope my two daughters learn in their lives, earlier than I did certainly, that it is important to hear your own voice more clearly than the voices that are coming at you. I think it has that sort of life affirming, positive message at its core.” Director-Screenwriter Jenée LaMarque of the new movie The Pretty One told The Hollywood Times at a round table discussion at the Standard Hotel on the Sunset strip talked about message her movie might give to woman watching it.

Lucifer Rising

Roy Rogers Oldenkamp By Tequila Mockingbird & Valerie Milano Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 4/21/14 - 1927, the apotheosis of Western Decadence, the New Gilded Age of the Roaring Twenties-awash in bathtub gin and jazz- birthed two California legends: the United Artists Theatre in downtown Los Angeles, and experimental filmmaker and author Kenneth Anger in Santa Monica.
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