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Chocolate Sundaes Comedy Show

Tommy Davidson with Pookey Wigington and JB Smoove
Tommy Davidson with Pookey Wigington and JB Smoove

Hosted by Tommy Davidson premiers February 7th on Showtime

By: Valerie Milano

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 2/7/2013 – “I’m extremely excited to actually see a product that was created 12 years ago inside of a small comedy club at the Laugh Factory.  But the vision of turning it into something special and adding sketch elements to it through doing live shows every night has made it something special,” producer Pookey Wigington said of his newest endeavor with Showtime. What has been a Sunday night comedy show at the world-famous Laugh Factory in Los Angeles for over 12 years is making its way to Showtime in a world premiere on Thursday February 7thChocolate Sundaes Comedy Show at the Laugh Factory has been host to some big names in comedy such as Katt Williams, Dave Chappelle, Jamie Foxx, Chris Tucker, Dane Cook, Mike Epps, Kevin Hart, and Jon Lovitz (ChocolateSundaes.com). Chocolate Sundaes Comedy Show with Tommy Davidson hosted a star-studded night this week to celebrate.  Showing their support on the red carpet were stars like Michael Jai White (Why Did I Get Married?), Finesse Mitchell (SNL), J.B. Smoove (Def Comedy Jam, Curb Your Enthusiasm) and wife Shahidah Omar.  Following the red carpet was a special screening of Thursday’s show and after party.  The excitement was felt by all as friends and peers came together to share in their love of comedy. Hosted by legendary comedian Tommy Davidson, Chocolate Sundaes showcases hilarious stand-up as well as original comedy sketches that are sure to deliver the laughs.  Cast members include great talents like Gerald Kelly, Eric Blake, Isiah Kelly, Samson Crouppen, Chris Moss, and Megan O’Neil.  When asked how he chooses who becomes a part of Chocolate Sundaes, Pookey Wigington said, “Talent.  I put a bunch of people on stage.  I hand-pick every sketch.  We develop it right their live.  No one comes in with written stuff.  We try it on stage and it turns into magic or it turns into crap.  If it turns into crap, you won’t see it again.” Commenting on whether he sees this Showtime special becoming something more in the future, Pookey Wigington told The Hollywood Times, “Definitely right now we have an opportunity to turn it into a series.  We’re looking at a ten episode deal and hopefully they’ll see what we see and pick it up and make it something magical.” Watch Chocolate Sundaes Comedy Show with Tommy Davidson Thursday, February 7 on Showtime at 10pm.

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