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Chicago Fire burning out of control!

Dick Wolf discusses his latest project, “Chicago Fire,” an… (Frederick M. Brown / Getty…)
Dick Wolf discusses his latest project, “Chicago Fire,” an… (Frederick M. Brown / Getty…)

The cast of Chicago Fire Not since 1871 has Chicago been this hot!

By Valerie Milano 

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 2/1/2013 – “What we’re trying to do here is a very, very classic, adult, NBC platinum drama” “This is a big, full broadcast show with multi-characters and multi- storylines going on”  Dick Wolf Executive Producer of Chicago Fire stated when asked why he was doing a show about firefighters. Thirteen episodes later Dick Wolf along with writers Michael Brandt and Derek Haas have accomplished that very thing. After having 3 weeks off Chicago Fire returned with the intensity of a firestorm with its thirteenth episode “Warm and Dead.” This episode had me on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. The writers did an incredible job of intertwining the storylines thus causing me to vacillate between heart wrenching sadness to happiness. Eamonn Walker as Chief Boden arrived too late at the burning home of Ernie the young boy he had been attempting to help get away from his arson Uncle.  The grief that Boden experienced was so intense; the act of him walking to the truck and sliding to sit down was almost too painful for me to watch. I almost wanted to reach out and comfort him. The scenes moved from gut wrenching pain to happiness, to a bit of comedy. One of those times was when Shay played by Lauren German (Hawaii 5-0) and Gabriela played by Monica Raymond (The Good Wife)  respond to a call that a baby had been shot. Baby turned out to be a full-grown man wielding a sawed off shot-gun. Shay, when she had the opportunity, took aim and used a taser to bring “baby” down after he threatened Shay and her partner.  The exchange between Shay and Gabriella as to whether it was legal to use a taser coupled with the look on the firefighter’s faces as Gabriella explained that baby knocked himself out hitting the door was priceless. Then there was the little puppy that a boy from the neighborhood brought into the station house because his father was threatening to hurt the dog if the boy didn’t find it a home. It’s in the scene when the exchange about whether the dog should stay that I really got a feel for the camaraderie,  love, friendship and trust they all have for one another.  Mills after being told to get rid of the dog, actually hides it in the station house! I found myself rooting with pure joy for when at last Otis was given the opportunity to drive the truck at Morningside the slowest station house in Chicago after he agreed to cover a shift there. There was some predictability but it was so well-played that I hardly noticed it. Kelly Severide is put on medical leave by Chief Boden after he confesses to the Chief to having an injury that he has masked using pain killers. In the mean time, Renee Royce Severide’s girlfriend introduces Kelly to a surgeon who is doing experimental spinal surgery.  Taylor Kinney does a convincing job at displaying the anguish that his character Kelly Severide is going through. In struggling with his decision not to do surgery after hearing about all the complications and possible partial paralysis that could result from it.  Kelly decides to move to Madrid with Renee. From there the storyline did get a bit predictable with Kelly leaving his going away party to seek out his father Benny’s advice. The exchange between father and son was touching as Benny played by Treat Williams had difficulty feeling worthy to give Kelly advice. However, Kelly’s father was able to give him some sound advice when he said “There’s no replacing the rescue squad, but you already know that, that’s why you came out here so I could talk you out of going ..You’re scared Kelly you know why your scared? because you’re not ready for this…Disappoint anyone, hell disappoint everyone, but don’t ever disappoint yourself.” Ultimately Kelly decides to stay in Chicago and to undergo the surgery which as I said earlier was a bit predictable in that it in turn left Renee heartbroken and alone to journey to Madrid. Chicago Fire did not disappoint from Casey testifying on behalf of his mother at her parole hearing. To the romance that is beginning to take off between Mills and Gabriela, to the return of Shay’s ex girlfriend pregnant and married no less! It will be interesting to see where all these exciting storylines lead to and whether Chief Boden is going to allow that puppy to stay! Dick Wolf has produced exactly what he said he was going to do.  Chicago Fire is a Platinum Drama. Mr. Wolf, I was looking for you at NATPE and know you didn’t make it for your panel but hope you are feeling better.