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Catherine Zeta-Jones announces the launch of her makeup line, expanding her Casa Zeta-Jones brand into the color cosmetics space.

Developed with the expert team at KF Beauty – the makers of WUNDER2 and cult favorite WUNDERBROW – each product promises to transport beauty lovers from everyday to extraordinary.

“It goes without saying that ‘looking the part’ is necessary for what I do,” said Catherine with a laugh. “So I have been searching for the best products to launch a makeup line that makes you feel confident because you know it will really work, while still feeling luxurious. My mission for Casa Zeta-Jones is to create a whole universe of products that exude the same feeling: effortless elegance that surprises by being both practical and indulgent.”

“When we met Catherine, we thought we’d be starstruck by her celebrity,” said KF Beauty CEO Agnes Hjelmer. “Instead, we encountered a real woman – a professional, a mom, a friend – who still blew us away with her easy glamour. She loved our products because we deliver on results that last, not just for the first hour or the first photo, but for the whole day. We are bringing those same high-performance characteristics to the elegant Casa Zeta-Jones brand.”

With all the pieces in place, Catherine set to work to create a collection of products inspired by her real life – easy to achieve looks that inspire confidence and express the many sides of every woman, always with a touch of Catherine-level glamour.

The result will be a series of makeup launches, starting in July 2020. “We’re starting with ‘My Mascara,’” explained Catherine. “It’s the perfectly buildable, all-day mascara. It means you can wear just enough to feel great during the day, and add a few extra strokes in the evening to take it to the red carpet level.”




Intensely Lengthening & Buildable Mascara

The perfect black mascara for any occasion! Catherine’s My Mascara has a lengthening effect that is buildable – achieve the everyday or extraordinary look you love.




Long-Lasting Pencil Eyeliners

These pencil eyeliners are creamy upon application but set for an all-day, waterproof result.

Available in 2 shades: Gilda Gold & Beach Bronze.