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Cosmic Views – by Linda Joyce

March 22nd – March 28th

With the Sun in Aries, heralding in spring, it’s time for hope and new beginnings. Don’t hold back; start smelling the flowers and get inspired. Mars is the most exciting of the planets at the moment. It trines Saturn and Pluto Taurus creating action and change. No more sitting around the coffee shop plotting how to change your life, you will feel propelled to act and follow your heart. One word of caution, new desires have not set their roots, so be careful who you share them with. If they get stomped on too early, they may get damaged or go into hiding forever. And that is the theme of the week. With Jupiter still square Neptune and Mercury, one has to be cautious and protective of their dreams. Until you’re in a space where no one can influence you, it is wise to choose who you share your secrets with. The Sun in Aries feels refreshed and excited about the new journey. In some way it gives us all a chance to reinvent ourselves. It’s slowed down by the square from Jupiter, but its energy is incredibly powerful and if you connect to it, you’ll feel it and advance. Venus in square to Mars brings dissatisfaction to the fore. Whatever you do now, will not be quite enough – beginnings are never satisfying, just inspiring. So, put your feet on the ground and create a strategy for the next few months. Plans are there just to get you going, you can always change them, and you should when you see a better way.

Aries (March 21st – April 20th)

Aries represents Spring, and yes, it’s finally here. The leaves are sprouting from the branches and flowers begin pushing their way through the earth seeking a chance to show their splendor. Well, that’s what you need to do. Clean out that closet, start exercising if you’re not, and tweak that image you want to present to the world. With Mercury and Neptune in Pisces, you’re a bit dreamy and idealistic, which means it’s important to accept yourself and not wish you were or had more than you do. Play with your options. Be creative. Neptune and Mercury are genius when they work together, they have imagination that is off the charts. Access it. Use it. And create in your mind and in front of your mirror the person you want to be. Your career is still the main focus. With Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, it’s difficult to put an emphasis on anything other than your goals. Mars trines these two planets and the energy and vision it gives, helps things to move forward. You have charisma in excess these days, so use it. Part of it comes from owning your power and being confident about your possibilities. A positive mind goes a long way. The week begins with the Moon in Libra, so relationships are emphasized. The square Venus makes to Mars indicates you can be easily annoyed. You’re restless and your perfectionistic nature always gets in the way. If you’re single, you can meet someone that really excites you, but you may have to make a lot of effort to get their attention.

Taurus (April 21st – May 20th)

Taurus represents values, and with Uranus in this earth sign you are under scrutiny. Do you have a code of do’s and don’ts that serves as a guide when you have to maneuver difficult decisions? Desires come without limits. It’s up to you to put the boundaries around them. They have no sense of right and wrong, good or bad, that’s why they get you into so much trouble. Without values you can easily be led down a dangerous path which you will regret. Uranus is changing how you see yourself. What makes you special, what helps you stand out in a crowd is suddenly very clear. If you can nurture these talents that distinguish you from others, the world will take notice. All you have to do is believe in yourself. Jupiter square Neptune, Mercury and the Sun makes it difficult to lift yourself too far above reality. The stars are keeping you close to what’s possible before you bring in the magic. It’s important to create a solid foundation that you can rely on before your creativity and imagination take over. With Saturn and Pluto in the 9th house in sextile to Neptune and Mercury relationships are a strong focus. It’s not just about romance, friendships are important as well as those who advise you. Having a few good souls you can trust is essential to success. Mars trine Saturn and Pluto gives you an experience that reveals your potential. Once you feel the energy and the excitement of being the best you can be, you won’t settle for less. If you’re in a relationship, you’re both ready to try new things. This will rejuvenate the relationship. If you’re single, love is in the air, but it has a list of what it thinks love should be and that will slow you down.

Gemini (May 21st – June 20th)

Gemini are used to retrogrades, they happen with their ruler, Mercury, every three months. Thank goodness it goes direct on the 28th. With Mercury in Pisces all week, your mission is to finish old projects and anything else you’ve left undone. The best thing about a retrograde is it turns your focus to the present and what has been left undone. Clutter is an obstacle to success. Retrogrades force you to slow down, review, reflect and finish the things you’ve started or forgotten about. They do this by blocking new ideas. During a retrograde essential people may be missing from your project, or you won’t have all the information you need to advance. Go with the flow. Don’t push the impossible, work with the energy that’s available. The square from Jupiter cautions you to keep your expectations down. If you move ahead too quickly you’ll be disappointed. With Mars and Uranus now in Taurus, your 12th house, there’s much you can’t control. Things will fly around randomly, without order or logic. Do what you can and have a sense of humor. Venus in Aquarius puts an emphasis on truth and justice. If someone is trying to take advantage of the situation, you’re going to notice. It’s time for teamwork and leadership. When times are difficult there is always opportunity. If you want to lead, this is your chance. If you’re in a relationship, don’t let your partner’s disappointments or negativity get you down. You are the creator of your world by what you allow into your sacred space. If you’re single, you won’t feel too social, so take a break from dating and get reacquainted with yourself.

Cancer (June 21st – July 22nd)

Cancers struggle with detachment; they’re too involved or they step back completely and feel isolated. There is a middle position, but it takes time to find it and make it work. When you live in extremes, you never solve anything, you just flip the coin and nothing gets resolved. The middle position requires integration. The ability to take what you want and need from two extremes and make it work for you. The Moon begins this week in Aquarius conjunct Venus. This connection brings out greater empathy and compassion. If it were not for the square to Mars, ruler of your career, you could devote this week to helping others. However, the demands of your work will not allow it. Save some of your energy to avoid the anger that may arise because you’re not on the same page with everyone else. You tend to see things differently, but if you’re not the boss, then it could be a problem. It’s important to learn how to compromise, or at least appear that you are. With the Sun, Neptune and Mercury in the 9th house, you’d love to find a way to escape, either by taking a trip or losing yourself in some dream. The only choices before you are all based on reality and logic. Big ideas are a bad idea for the moment. With Mars in Taurus, you’re impatient and inspired and you’re stuck. Not a happy position, but only a temporary one. Everything will move, when Mercury goes direct on the 28th. If you’re in a relationship, your partner has not yet found their balance. Have patience and it will make you closer. If you’re single, you won’t have to look for a partner, but you will have to choose which of your pursuers turn you on.

Leo (July 23rd – August 22nd)

Leos love certainty, they’re a fixed sign. On the 21st the Sun left Pisces and entered Aries; finally the unknown is being left behind and clarity is on the horizon. Aries rules your 9th house of ideals, travel, and legal matters. Both Aries and the 9th house have a loftiness about them, and it’s there to help you rise above your problems. However, with Jupiter square Neptune and Mercury, it’s all about reality; you will have to face your problems. Don’t try and escape, it will only make things worse. With Saturn and Pluto in your house of work, your schedule continues to be intense. The trine from Mars gives you an extra dose of energy to get your work done. When you’re busy working toward your goals, you’re happy because you feel in control. Uranus in Taurus has created some space in your dreams for something new. Are you thinking about changing jobs? Don’t let uncertainty make you feel insecure. Take a leap of faith, it’s the only way to advance and grow. If you’re not happy, get that resume ready and start looking. Remember, it’s what you believe that you create. Keep positive thoughts in your mind. Don’t let negativity and fear take over or you’ll be filled with doubt. If you’re in a relationship, your partner is going through major changes. In fact, you may see him or her differently because of whatever is going on. If you can both accept the challenges you will overcome them. If you’re single, it’s a very good time to meet new people. With all the changes in your world, you have a chance to meet some amazing new souls. Keep your mind and heart open.

Virgo  (August 23rd – September 22nd)

Virgos need to be of service to someone or a higher cause, otherwise you won’t find fulfillment. With Uranus, the ruler of your 6th house of work and purpose, you are seeking your mission with new eyes. Perhaps in the past, it was enough to become successful. However, it’s what you do with that success that feeds your spirit. If what you do leaves you feeling empty, then it’s time to look at your spiritual needs. Spirit gets turned on by what it can share, when it can help or make the world a better place. If you’re just starting out, keep in mind that happiness comes from the balance of heaven and earth, your worldly and spiritual purposes. You can ignore your spirit for a while, but eventually it will start rebelling. With Jupiter still square Neptune and Mercury, your life has been about “divine discontent.” Nothing is quite enough and that keeps you striving for more, but never alleviating your dissatisfaction. Look for what makes you happy. With Mars trine Saturn and Pluto you’re feeling in control, so that’s a positive. Mars brings energy and vision to whatever you’re doing, but it will also challenge you. Venus in Aquarius has given you an interest in causes, but to pursue them, you’d have to give up something else. That’s the way the world works. Relationships are still a challenge. If you’re in one, be careful you don’t focus on what’s missing, rather than what you have. You are responsible for your life, no one else. If you’re single, you’re idealistic and you won’t see anyone you meet with clarity. If you want to fall in love – go for it. Just be open to the truth.

Libra (September 23rd – October 22nd)

Libra is where independence meets relationship, and thus a partnership is formed. Relationships are very important to you or something you avoid out of fear. With the Sun in Aries and your 7th house, your focus is on someone else making you feel good. Well, happiness comes from within. The danger is you want others to be perfect, you realize it’s impossible for you to achieve. You’re attracted to the physical first and that can distract you from what’s really important. Once you’re involved, you want them to have a great spirit and a philosophical nature. Until you suffer from your own choices you may not pay attention to where you’re going astray. With Jupiter square Neptune and Mercury, nothing seems to move forward as quickly as you’d like. What makes things worse is disillusionment is inevitable, with some of your projects or the people you are working with. Illusion doesn’t work, reality and truth are your only choices. This is difficult but good. Adjust your priorities and goals based on what you see. With Mars trine Saturn and Pluto in your 4th house of the home, you’re feeling strong and energized. Now is the time to make changes, if you need to. Uranus in Taurus demands that you change also. You’ve grown and now it’s time to review your priorities. They need to change with you. If you’re in a relationship, things are going well. There’s new energy between you and perhaps even a new shared vision of what you want to accomplish. If you’re single, the energy you feel makes you more attractive and give you an extra dose of courage to take a chance. When you do you won’t be disappointed.

Scorpio (October 23rd – November 21st)

Scorpios are bi-polar by nature, they’re extremists who can flip from one side to the other in a blink of the eye and in so doing get a glimpse of the whole picture. The challenge is not to become stuck on one perspective, but to find that neutral spot that allows you flexibility and choice. Your focus has been on communication, you’re not great at expressing yourself verbally, but you do so through your passions. At times that’s not enough and this is one of them. Mars trine Saturn and your ruler Pluto, gives you plenty of opportunity to open up and share what you know with others. The energy of Mars gives you the push you need to open up. When you take the risk, you will get a reward and so you will try it again and it will become easier with experience. Jupiter square Neptune and Mercury has put you in conflict with others. That’s not something new, but it is a problem. You feel let down by those you’ve trusted and it’s time to reevaluate who you can let into your private world and who you can’t. Remember, not everyone is a perfectionist or obsessive, so they won’t do the same work that you do. Either be more selective or learn to finish the project with your own touch. Venus in Aquarius in square to Mars brings a feeling of “divine discontent.” Nothing feels satisfying. Don’t worry, this feeling will diminish. If you’re in a relationship, it has changed or it’s not working for the moment. There’s a new world out there and if you don’t evolve, you’ll feel left behind. If you’re single, it’s not a good time to meet someone special, but you will learn more about yourself and what makes you happy.

Sagittarius (November 22nd – December 21st)

Sagittarians are independent souls, but that doesn’t mean they’re not looking for love. You are here to find your own way, but also to share your life with someone else. You’re good at moving on, traveling, learning and hiding out, but now, what’s required is for you to make a stand. What is important to you? This is not a time for tolerance; you’re not receiving what you’re giving and the scale has to be balanced. With Uranus in Taurus, your 6th house of work and purpose, you may feel a newfound strength, a moral indignation at what you’ve been accepting as enough. It’s never too late to change. With your ruler, Jupiter, square Neptune and Mercury, the disappointments of your childhood are in your face. You can repeat them or change them – just ask for more and don’t accept less. What you expect in life is what you get, so raise your expectations. You have everything you need for success. All that’s missing is self-worth; start with an acknowledgment of your own importance. Venus in Aquarius square Mars brings a touch of “divine discontent” to the picture. For a short time, nothing’s going to make you satisfied. That’s in part because you’re changing and you’re not comfortable with the new you. Embrace your spirit and your greatness. Don’t accept what you don’t approve of and your life will begin to shift. Mars trine Pluto and Saturn will add money to your coffers, either through a new project or an opportunity that comes your way. If you’re in a relationship, things are not perfect, but it’s a good time to see what needs work. If you’re single, you won’t meet the perfect partner, but right now it’s a challenge to go beyond your own needs.

Capricorn (December 22nd – January 19th)

As a Capricorn you love it when things move forward without effort – well this week you’re getting the energy and the support to make things happen with ease. Mars makes a trine to Saturn and Pluto in your sign, helping you overcome obstacles with ease. With the Sun in your 4th house of the home, your focus is on where you live and making a safe place for you to rejuvenate after a hard day. Although it’s not financially a time to make improvements, you will find a way to fix things up and make a difference. Venus in square to Mars, brings “divine discontent” to your work. You want more, you want change, you want opportunity and until you get what you want, you won’t be happy. Mercury is retrograde until the 28th. That’s when things begin to happen. You’re always helping others or saving a lost soul, but now you need to put yourself first. That is, until you’re on more solid ground financially. Jupiter rules your 12th house of the unconscious and this week it squares Neptune and Mercury. You feel disconnected from your faith and it shows in your confidence. Don’t make important decisions when you’re down. Those are based on fear and they seldom work out. If you’re in a relationship, things are going well. You’re clear on what is working and what needs work. That makes life a lot easier. If you’re single, you may be attracted to someone very different than you are. It’s what makes life interesting.

Aquarius (January 20th – February 18th)

Aquarius is the sign of freedom, but what does that mean to you? If you don’t feel free, it may indicate that you’re not the most important person in your life – others are. When you need to please for approval, you are never free. When you take care of yourself, you’re not selfish, on the contrary, you’re keeping yourself strong so that you can be helpful to others. With Venus square Mars, this week is more about “divine discontent” than feeling satisfied. It will be clear where you’re not taking the reins and leading the way. Pay attention. With Saturn and Pluto in your 12th house of the unconscious, you feel the divine hand of the universe helping you out. Stop focusing on the obvious, pay attention to the ethereal, and believe in your dreams and what you want to happen. When you focus on your mission, it begins to form a path for you to follow. With Jupiter square Neptune and Mercury in your 2nd house of finance and values, money may not be as abundant as you hopped. However, things will soon change. Things work when you ground yourself and don’t give in to the desire to feel invincible. Keep a sense of humbleness close and embrace the path you want. Let go of everything else. If you’re in a relationship, communication is good. You’re able to tell your partner exactly how you feel. They’ll hear some of it, even if they don’t confirm your feelings. If you’re single, it’s a mixed bag, you could meet a few wonderful souls that you’re interested in, but it will take a while to make things happen.

Pisces (February 19th – March 20th)

Pisces are creative geniuses but they can lack faith and be fearful of the unknown. To access your genius and creative side, you must let your imagination travel into the unknown where all possibilities exist. The square from Jupiter to Neptune and Mercury, creates an environment where it’s difficult to get things done. You are feeling let down and your confidence level may be low. The good news is, it’s not forever and it’s there to help you reconnected to reality. It’s important to know what you can count on in others and yourself. Mars trine Saturn and Neptune gives you an extra dose of energy and strength. It will help you in all that you do. You know what you’re capable of accomplishing, so have faith and keep moving forward. With Venus in Aquarius in your 12th house square Mars, you’re feeling the sting of “divine discontent” – nothing brings satisfaction. So just accept that right now your mission is to reevaluate what you’re doing and find the best position for yourself that you can take. Illusions don’t work now, so you can’t deceive yourself. It’s time to face the truth. The recent entry of Uranus into Taurus highlights your 3rd house of communication. You feel the urge to say what’s on your mind. Speak up and let others know what you want. It’s the only way to succeed. If you’re in a relationship, it’s all about the past and old problems. Remember Mercury is retrograde and it’s important to get rid of what you no longer need. Face your problems and find a way to compromise. If you’re single, go ahead and call an old love. Sometimes we let go of those that are important to us because we’re not in the right place to commit.

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