Sunday, June 16, 2019
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Cosmic Views – by Linda Joyce

June 14th – June 20th

The Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 17th puts the focus on your ideals and your desire for a greater truth – the part of your heart and soul that wants to learn and grow. This is what keeps you current and prevents you from feeling stuck. Ignore the tug for knowledge or a new experience, and you’ll find your life begins to shrink. Have the courage to embrace an adventure; even a small one will do. The Moon and Jupiter are square Neptune, so it’s important not to attempt anything too unrealistic. Expose yourself to new ideas: take a class, learn a sport, challenge yourself in some way. Don’t gamble or bet on a long shot; it’s not a good time for big risks. What you want to do is move the energy. With the Sun at the end of Gemini, you won’t be bored. This is always a point of endless errands, parties, or things to do. It’s a great time to catch up with friends and let them know what your plans are. With Mercury and Mars so close, your discussions will be animated and challenging. Nothing like a debate to get yourself worked up and ready to act. Uranus in Taurus helps you focus on finances. Either you’re going through a difficult time, or you’ve found a new way to make a living. Change is good, even if it’s uncomfortable. Don’t let fear take over. Instead, face that fear, and you’ll find solutions. Summer will be official next week, but if you’re lucky you’ll feel its warmth embrace you now. What we all need is a healing dose of vitamin D.

Aries (March 21st – April 20th)

The gift of Aries is their ability to spring into action. This talent requires a stable foundation or a past that provides strength for you to draw on. This week you feel empowered. Your emotions are not taking you on a roller coaster ride, so you have energy and passion for embracing life and all its challenges. With the Full Moon in your 9th house on the 17th, one or more of your goals is now within your reach. You see the path clearly, and although there may be obstacles to overcome, they don’t discourage you. Inside, you’re ready to succeed. Clarity is a gift of the gods. Jupiter opposite the Sun provides the resistance needed to take the first step. Jupiter helps you see the bigger picture and not get stuck in the details. With Mars and Mercury opposite Saturn and Pluto, things won’t move as quickly as you’d like them too. There’s always something or someone in the way. The ability to hold your tongue and think before you speak has never been your best asset – and this week it’s out of control. Hopefully, you won’t get in too much trouble. The Moon is strong, and emotionally, you feel good. However, Venus, the planet of love, is alone and disconnected from the rest of the planets. When you feel disconnected, you can panic. Alone time has merit, if you use it to listen to yourself. In Gemini, Venus is restless and insecure. If you’re in a relationship, you could feel disconnected, not just from your partner, but also your friends. Don’t let it bother you, it won’t last too long. It’s good to reflect and see yourself as an individual. If you’re single, meeting others is difficult. You may find that you prefer to be alone.

Taurus (April 21st – May 20th)

Taureans are into ownership. You love to possess the things you desire; they’re a substitute for love. When you feel adored, you’re free; when you’re disconnected and alone, you want to hold on to whatever fills the gap. Remember, the more you own, the less freedom you have. It’s a Taurus challenge. The Moon in Scorpio at the beginning of the week, creates a grand trine in water. Emotions are strong and good. In fact, you may feel like conquering the world. On the 17th, the Moon is full in Sagittarius, but emotional harmony is destroyed by the square it makes to Neptune. It brings disappointment through others. Or perhaps you just feel bad about a friend’s dilemma, and it takes you out of your safe place. With Jupiter opposite the Sun, you are persevering and able to see the big picture. This is helpful because the details or minor desires are what get you into trouble. Stay focused, and you’ll succeed. Make a good decision and stick with it, don’t be distracted or led astray. When you can say no to yourself, success is possible. Your ruler, Venus, is in Gemini and it will remain disconnected from the other planets until next week. Yes, you feel alone, and it’s not something you handle well. Surrender to your work and it will pass quickly. When you’re tired, you won’t have time to feel sorry for yourself. With Mars and Mercury opposite Saturn and Pluto, there are obstacles to your advancement. Just tackle them one at a time. There is always a storm or a problem to overcome; it’s a part of life. If you’re in a relationship, things are going better. There is a focus, and if communication is good, you’ll work out the kinks. If you’re single, you feel like being alone, so listen to your instincts.

Gemini (May 21st – June 20th)

Geminis are all about perfection and idealism – you strive to be the best version of yourself. Always busy, you need to let go and learn to relax. Accepting your flaws is the first step toward changing them. However, there’s a part of you that doesn’t want to bother. You’re attached to your habits, and unless they’re causing you pain, you’re not going to let them go. The Full Moon on the 17th falls in your 7th house of relationships. Others are annoying this week, they’re stuck in their ways, and you’ve lost your patience. You could avoid them. If you’re not around to stroke their ego, they’ll have to work things out themselves. It’s easy for you to see both sides of an argument, and sometimes you’re not sure what side of the line you’re standing on. When that happens, it’s difficult for you to commit and move forward. Doubt is never going to disappear, make it your friend. Get rid of pleasing others, and you’ll know what to do. Jupiter opposite the Sun may put you in a tug of war with someone you care about. Compromise is not possible; you’re both too stubborn. Let it go for now or take a different path. With Neptune square the Sun and Jupiter, you will see through any deception that will surely come your way. This aspect makes it easy to unravel a non-truth. It’s not a great time for the hustler. If you’re in a relationship, your partner may seem uncompromising. They’re overwhelmed with their own issues. If you’re single, this is not the time to meet others. If you’re seeing someone, you may find them difficult or unavailable.

Cancer (June 21st – July 22nd)

Cancers are internal beings. Your inner world is not fixed; it harbors the ebb and flow of your emotions. Since you live in a fluctuating world, your outer existence needs to be consistent and comfortable. If you avoid change and adventure, you’ll find yourself stuck. When you use your creativity, you bring the best of both worlds together. You can stay in your office and imagine endless possibilities. The challenge is to become the observer of your emotions rather than identify with them. Then your life is not a roller coaster; you’re in charge. This week, the Full Moon on the 17th falls in Sagittarius and your 6th house of work. An issue around your schedule may come to a head. You’re stubborn, but in the sign of perseverance, you dig in and become uncompromising. You could regret it later, so try and understand what’s really going on and , if possible, don’t say anything you’ll regret later. On a positive note, the Moon is trine Mercury and Mars: your analytical talents will be working overtime. Venus, in your 12th house, is hidden and disconnected, it may be difficult to connect with friends. Don’t take it personally. Neptune square the Sun and Jupiter make you dissatisfied with life in general. Whatever you do, don’t put yourself down and don’t let others define you. Remember, you’re unique, and you’re meant to stay that way. If you’re in a relationship, he or she is not easy to get along with. For now, you disagree on most things. If you’re single, spend your time deciding what makes you happy. Then when you meet someone with those qualities, you won’t be in doubt.

Leo (July 23rd – August 22nd)

Leos live in a divided world. You have your inner world of truth and your outer world of strength and charisma. You know how to display your talents and hide your weaknesses, and it puts at the head of the line. What keeps you balanced is an exchange: you help those below you and accept help from above or those in position to give you support. If you can master this, you’ll never feel stuck, and you’ll move up the ladder with ease. The Full Moon in the fire sign of Sagittarius gives you a needed push. Whatever comes to a head around the 17th helps you in your quest for greater authority and recognition. With Neptune square Jupiter and the Sun, you feel less confident than you appear. It’s not difficult to hide what you don’t want others to see; you’re a Leo. Instead of feeling badly, reevaluate what’s missing. This is a great time to improve your skills. One word of warning – don’t let your stubborn side take over. This is a time to show your kindness and ability to compromise. With Venus disconnected from the other planets, nothing seems to be moving. Reevaluate your goals and what you want to accomplish. If you’re on the right track, all you need is patience. If not, this is the time to make changes. Mercury and Mars are in opposition to Saturn and Pluto, adding to your frustrations. The world is shifting, and it takes time to adjust. If you’re in a relationship, your partner is coping with a great deal of change. He or she needs your support. Go light on the advice. If you’re single, it’s a good time for excitement and meeting new people, but it may not go further than that.

Virgo (August 23rd – September 22nd)

Virgos are organizers. Give them a state of confusion, and they’ll volunteer to organize the space. It’s a fabulous talent to have and one that keeps you in demand. With your ruler, Mercury, conjunct Mars, and opposite Saturn and Pluto, the enormous energy you bring to the moment has reached an impasse – nothing is moving the way you want it to. You can get upset, but it won’t help. Uranus in your 9th house has you dreaming or planning a trip – someplace you’ve never been. Venus in Gemini feels very much alone, and you may feel cut off from others or what you want to do. By the 21st you’ll reconnect. The Sun opposite Jupiter puts a strain on your work-life balance. Both your career and home are demanding more, and it’s difficult to make everyone happy. If you’re clear on what you want, you’ll save time and energy and work things out. If you live alone, make sure you’re not isolated. You are either very social or you can hold up alone without connecting to anyone for way too long. This is where new ideas find you, and it’s wonderful if you don’t overdo. Human contact is important; in fact, it’s essential to happiness. With Neptune square the Sun and Jupiter, relationships are a challenge. Nothing is clear and certain, and you hate being in the unknown. If you’re in a relationship, the problem lies in disappointment; you’ve done things for the right reason, but they didn’t work out. Don’t be hard on yourself. Stop compromising and take a stand. If you’re single, you’re looking for a distraction rather than love. Nothing wrong with that. When you’re ready, you’ll be ready.

Libra (September 23rd – October 22nd)

Libra is a challenging sign. Its mission is to bring your individuality into a relationship and make it work, without losing a sense of self. If you’re clear on who you are and what you want, figuring out what not to compromise is easy. A good partnership respects differences and works with them. With Venus in Gemini in your 9th house, you are looking for your life purpose or the ideals that speak to your heart. If you keep asking yourself for the answer, you’ll find it , and when you do, listen to it. Uranus in Taurus is changing who you are; it’s shaking up your 8th house of transformation. You want something more, and once you figure it out, nothing will stand in your way. With the Sun opposite Jupiter, you need to take a stand and not let anyone control you. Your nature values harmony, and often it turns into a need to please, which is a mistake. Nothing good comes from worrying about what others think. It’s important to learn how to say no without guilt. You are in charge of your destiny, no one else. There is a stubbornness that comes from strength; your mission is to use it for the right reason. With Neptune square Jupiter and the Sun, it’s best to be practical and not get lost in fantasies. Forge ahead slowly with sure steps and you’ll be fine. Life is conquered in simple ways, not heroic deeds. With the Full Moon on the 17th in your 3rd house, how you communicate your ideas is important. Speak up. If you’re in a relationship, this is a week to spend with yourself. Read a good book, write in your diary or take a walk in nature. If you’re single, stay that way for the moment. The more connected you are to yourself, the more desirable you are to others.

Scorpio (October 23rd – November 21st)

Scorpio is where the ego connects to a higher purpose. Ideals lift you above the complexities of life, showing you the bigger picture, and now you can make a better choice. Within you is a desire to improve the world in whatever way your talent lies. If nothing else, you’re original, and you don’t want to follow the crowd. Neptune is strong this month, and only the truth will survive. Wherever you’re delusional, you’ll find disappointment. Take things slowly and look for a sign that you’re on the right path. To do great things, you must be connected to yourself. With the Full Moon in your 2nd house on the 17th, it’s time to rethink your values. Do you know what’s important to you? Good values provide strength through boundaries, and once they’re clear, you feel safe. It’s easier to take a risk when you know what you will do and what is off limits. With Mars and Mercury in opposition to Saturn and Pluto, work and goals have met resistance. You have patience, and it’s needed now. You’re a fixed sign, so you have self-control if you want it. With Uranus in Taurus, you’re changing who you are attracted to – souls that are independent get your attention. The control you used to want is no longer as attractive as it was in the past. An equal relationship is more alluring. The more comfortable you are with your own power, the easier it is to deal with others who own theirs. If you’re in a relationship, your partner needs to be alone, so give him or her their space. If you’re single, you want something you’ve never had before. Only you know what that is.

Sagittarius (November 22nd – December 21st)

Sagittarians go beyond curiosity that arises in the moment. They seek out new experiences by throwing themselves into places where the people, culture, or ideas are different from their own. Your sign has the strength and the ability to figure things out, and it serves you well. Confidence in your ideas and ideals is a must. With the Sun in Gemini, you will concentrate on your relationships for the moment. When it comes to your career, you need to align yourself with someone with particular expertise. Don’t be afraid to ask for help; people of knowledge usually love to share it. With the focus on those that advise you – doctors, lawyers, or Indian chiefs – then be selective and use your instinct. You have an antenna for the truth, trust it. With Neptune in your 4th house, you’ve been challenged from the inside out. The real changes are occurring on how you see yourself. Pay attention to the shift. With Mars and Mercury in opposition to Saturn and Pluto, finances have been on your mind. You’re challenging yourself to take the next step and have your talents work for you more efficiently. With Venus isolated, you feel the need to be alone, or you’re feeling lonely because everyone else is not available. Either way, you’re meant to spend time reflecting and connecting to yourself. If you’re in a relationship, things are a little off, not because of you, so stop worrying. He or she needs to work something out. If you’re single, you want love and you’ll certainly attract attention; however, it may not be the kind you want.

Capricorn (December 22nd – January 19th)

Capricorns want power, but not over others, what they’re seeking is self-mastery. The most important step in your quest is to be in touch with your uniqueness and individuality, and own it. You can’t cope with the world until you’ve conquered yourself. Saturn, your ruler, is conjunct Pluto for the rest of the year. It’s been taking you on a journey of self-discovery. You’ve been encouraged, out of necessity, to look at the sides of yourself that have been too pampered or ignored. You have strength, but without boundaries and self-control, nothing will serve you for very long. Look at what life has been teaching you and embrace the journey. With the Full Moon on the 17th in your 12th house, expect the unexpected. Something comes to a head, and it demands your attention. Don’t overload your schedule for that day. With Neptune square the Sun and Jupiter, expect to have a few aha moments when it comes to your emotional needs. You’re not a person to ask for what you want, but perhaps having a clearer picture of what makes you happy will help you get it. Uranus in your 5th house opens the door for new ways to have a good time. You are a person of habit, and it serves you most of the time, but it also limits your options and can keep you stuck. The motto this week should be “try something new.” If you’re in a relationship, things are a mixed bag, they’re good, and they’re complicated. That’s life, learn how to manage them both. If you’re single, you could fall in love, but don’t expect it to last. However, love is always a wonderful journey when it’s real. If it’s not , let go and move on.

Aquarius (January 20th – February 18th)

Aquarians are strong when their ego works for them, not against them. You are born with a strong sense of self and a big heart, and your mission is to use it to make a difference. Ahead of your time, you never rest on your laurels; it’s difficult for you to be comfortable when others are suffering. Your gravitational pull is to the prereferral edges of society – you like to socialize with outsiders, they have all the good ideas. With both Saturn and Pluto in your 12th house, you should not be disappointed. The universe has been dropping the unexpected into your life in a way that has kept you from going down the wrong path. It’s time for something new. It’s time for a stronger, more in touch with myself persona. Mars and Mercury in your 6th house keep you busy, but the opposition to Saturn and Mars slows down the pace. You won’t be able to get everything done that you want to. Right now, patience is important. Venus in Gemini brings social activities to the fore, and hanging out with friends provides a needed distraction and a source of support. Uranus in Taurus indicates you’ve changed at a profound level. You’re reaching out to the world in new ways. The shift comes from deep within you, whatever you’ve been coping with for the last year has left its mark. Don’t be surprised if you handle challenges differently. You’ve learned to let go, and you’re able to see so much more because of it. If you’re in a relationship, you’re disappointed, but not defeated. You realize you have to change how you cope with problems with your partner. If you’re single, romantic, idealistic love is available. It’s exactly what you want.

Pisces (February 19th – March 20th)

Pisces is about faith, faith in yourself, and the universe. To gain strength, focus on exposing the truth, embracing differences, and challenging yourself to see yourself as separate. You have your own needs, and although feeling alone can send you into a panic, it’s important to know yourself well. Differences remind us we all share the same dreams for our lives and children, but we express them in our own unique way. The challenge is to be united while preserving what makes you special and unique. The Sun and Jupiter are in opposition this week; you’re being asked to see the details and the big picture, especially when it comes to your career. How much are you taking on? Where are you out of balance? With the Full Moon on the 17th in Sagittarius, you will find out. Neptune square Jupiter and the Sun opens the door to deception and disappointment. If you’re not dealing with the truth, things won’t work out the way you expect them. It’s time to end the illusions that have kept you from growing and advancing. Uranus in Taurus is not yet well-connected to the rest of the planets. You may feel isolated, or you need time alone to think. Whichever it is, use it to your advantage. Reflecting and connecting to yourself is an important part of your life. As the last sign of the zodiac, it’s important to understand the whole picture, the process, and what makes you unique. If you’re in a relationship, things may be stressed, but it’s nothing serious; one of you is stubborn. If you’re single, you feel energized, and you’re ready to enjoy yourself. Finding the right person to mirror your feelings is a challenge.