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Arleen Joseph, Abstract Paintings Bringing Dreams of Nature Indoors During the Pandemic

By Jules Lavallee

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 11/05/2020 – Arleen Joseph is a well-known, abstract landscape painter from New York City. We all have been spending time isolated in our homes during the pandemic, for Arleen it has been an opportunity to bring color and brighten the days of so many collectors of her work. Her work can be seen around the world.

THT: During the pandemic, you are sharing color to brighten days. Tell us about your recent work for clients. 

Since I was homebound in my apartment in NYC, I was continually longing for nature. Not able to get to my art studio , I  eventually decided to order some art supplies and paint on my dining room table. Since space was limited , I painted small works on paper that were heavily layered with wonderful bright colors.

My dreams of nature, manifested as landscapes , my way of bringing the outdoors inside.

THT: Tell us about your Transformational Journey Series. 

The Transformational Journey Series was for me a challenge of maintaining my sense of atmosphere that’s rooted in landscapes, while limiting my colors within each painting. It was my journey through this passage as I traveled through each work.

THT: “Perspectives are drawn from one’s own past experiences, and my paintings are created from memories inferred by my many travels.” Tell us about how your travels have influenced your work. 

I’ve been extremely fortunate to have traveled to many places all around the world. Many off the beaten track exotic places & many familiar tourist destinations. It’s impossible not to be influenced by the emotions each place has had on me.

For example, for many years I had painted rather dark moody paintings, but after my first trip to San Miguel de Allende in central Mexico, I couldn’t help not to be struck by the amazing sunsets, the many colors of the homes, and the culture…. I suddenly realized that all my paintings were lighter and much more colorful after having been there.

I am deliberate in my choice of colors, from the gold Buddhas of Thailand, to the gold ground of Byzantine France to the simmering reds of the Renaissance all my color choices reflect my global journeys and my desire to recreate the sensations visually.

Arleen Joseph’s painting at a Collectors home

THT: There are many paintings with blues and greens. Tell us more.

Blues and greens are nature …. it surrounds us everywhere. Since I’m painting abstracted landscapes the blues and greens become a source of reference for the viewer, and hopefully a place they can relate to from their own memories of places they know.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUWnDQ4QWeo&t=216s  Art Talk with 530 Burns Gallery.

THT: Do you have a favorite painting? 

Since I put so much thought and emotion into each painting, I would have to say that my latest painting becomes my favorite painting…..until the next one is completed!

Surely I do have a few all time favorites that I hate to part with, but when a collector really relates to one of my paintings , I do have to let go, and think to myself that they will be able to  enjoy looking at it everyday….what an honor that is for me.

Arleen Joseph’s painting at a Collectors home

THT: How have you found your voice in atmospheric abstracted landscapes?

As a painter, I realized early on that I was not interested in painting a realistic scene. I wanted to capture the spirit and the emotional mood of a place, an illusion to landscapes. I want the viewer to have the experience of finding their own journey within my work, rather than being told what to see.

THT: Share your process. 

I work spontaneously, building up layers of richly applied oil paints with different mediums and glazes. Aside from paint brushes, I work with many different supplies you would find in a local hardware store. I enjoy the feeling of dragging and spreading the paint on the canvas. I rotate my canvas in various directions, pushing the limits until a composition is found within my process. I don’t have any preconceived notion as to what the final results will bring to the painting. Only when finished, will I then stand back and think to myself … “ Hey, this reminds me of the China Sea and how I was feeling at that time “ without realizing it at the time. 

THT: Where can we find your work? 

On my website – www.ArleenJoseph.com , social media – Facebook & Instagram. Also, many of my works can be seen at 530 Burns Gallery in Sarasota, Florida, and galleries in Mexico, and of course at my downtown studio in TriBeCa, New York City. 

THT: Share some of the high-profile magazines that have featured your art. 

Curated Style Magazine .. 2019-2020

Martha’s Vineyard Times ..2017

Delta Style Magazine ..2016 Masur Museum of Art

Atencion- ( San Miguel de Allende newspaper )Solo Exhibition .. 2011