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A historic journey through Great Britain and Ireland

Heritage Britian & Ireland (by Heritage Handbook Co. Ltd UK 5.90 sterling, USA $9.99, Canada $10.99, EU 9.50 barcode 074470807193)
Heritage Britian & Ireland (by Heritage Handbook Co. Ltd UK 5.90 sterling, USA $9.99, Canada $10.99, EU 9.50 barcode 074470807193)

Book Review by Valerie Milano

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times)  2/5/13 – It is a new year. Since you are reading this column, we have survived the Mayan calendar doom date. Celebrate your survival by dreaming and planning your next vacation. It is one thing to review books written by other people, yet we as individuals – you and me – all of us have stories to tell or create with new adventures. Let us be the author of future books by setting foot and flight back to the land of our parents and forefathers. Time to be a tourist instead of just worrying about visiting relatives. Don’t get me wrong, I love my relatives in Ireland and Great Britian yet after spending three months abroad in 2011 in hopes of reconnecting with cousins, aunts and uncles, I came to realize that they are busy with their own circle of friends and family. We as immigrants, are visitors, no matter how much a  part of the auld sod we think we are. So in saying that, lets create our own new circle of friends abroad.

A book like Heritage Britian & Ireland gives the reader over 500 pages filled with pictures and descriptions of fascinating places to visit.  Find out who said ‘There shall be but one mistress here and no master.’ (Hint: It was a royal response to the Earl of Leicester.)  The joy of travel is to seek out the secrets of other lands with their landmarks be it manmade like castles  or nature’s wonder like Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland. By exploring the wonders and ways of other people, we as travellers can compare and contrast their world to the ways and land we have temporarily left behind.

Included in the book is a listing of the World Heritage Sites in the UK. Do you know what a World Heritage Site is?  I didn’t, yet now I do. So here it is…’A world heritage site is a historic monument, site or group of buildings, which has outstanding universal value.’ On that list of 26 there are the familiar ones like the Tower of London and the Canterbury Cathedral, St. Augustine’s Abbey and St. Martin’s Church but other ones like the Derwent Valley Mills, Saltaire, and New Lanark which I have no idea about. The Publishers Notes include jewels and oddities like The Judges Lodging in Powys, Mid Wales which was once called ‘the most commodious and elegant apartments for a judge in all England and Wales (Lord Chief Justice Campbell, 1855) ‘From the stunningly restored judge’s apartments to the dingy servants’ quarters below you can explore their gaslit world. Damp cells remind you of the building’s true purpose, aling with the vast courtroom where your imagination in captured by the echoing trial of William Morgan, local duck thief.’

This book is a handy guide to enjoy before, during and after your travels. It is a tour guide so there are paid advertisers as well as travel articles. The guide is divided into the different countries, cities and  counties. The slick print pages are easy on the inquiring fingers. Oh yes, I know, someone out there is saying, ” There must be an app for that’ or ‘I can google it.’ Well books are friends that never fail us or need a power plug to recharge. The Heritage Handbook Co. Ltd. can be contacted at P O BOX 291, Beckenham, Kent BR3 1XL or email atmail@heritagehandbook.co.uk

Special research by: Lorraine Chambers